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Invest in your company’s most important asset – its people!

Extensive studies have shown that employee wellbeing programs yield significant returns. Employers that support their people’s health, happiness, and fulfillment are ultimately investing in the growth and success of their company.


With my background as a corporate lawyer , combined with my qualifications and experience as a health coach and naturopath, I am in a unique position to help you make the changes necessary to effectively improve the wellbeing of employees at your workplace and in turn, positively impact efficiency, productivity and employee satisfaction.


Well@Work (Corporate Wellbeing Services)


I will help you design and implement a workplace wellness program that will meet your company’s specific needs based on budget, culture values, your employees’ health issues and your end goals. Below is an example of the 6 month Well@Work Plan (which is the minimum requirement); however I can also help you put together plans for 12 month or longer. Feel free to contact me to discuss the unique needs of your workplace.


Well@Work Plan (6 month minimum)

Creation of your unique Well@Work plan for 6 months


What’s involved?

  • 3 x 1 hour consults with representatives from your business to discuss company goals, strategy, budget and marketing for your Well@Work Plan
  • Creation of initial employee wellbeing survey for company to send out to employees to gauge interest, health concerns and ‘wish list’ of health activities for an employee wellness program and interpretation of findings
  • Report setting out recommendations for your Well@Work Plan based on company goals, strategy and budget as well as the results of the employee survey. The report will detail recommended wellbeing activities (and recommended third party providers where required) and a suggested calendar of events for the 6 month plan. It will also provide personalized tips and strategies for implementation, coordination, marketing and employee engagement at your workplace.
  • Ongoing support to the business as needed for implementation, coordination and management of the Well@work plan will be charged at hourly rate.



Price: to be discussed

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Other services

  • Onsite coordination of wellbeing activities for companies or work sites in Perth who require an experienced wellbeing coordinator
  • Consultation on existing corporate wellness plans or adjustment of current plans.
  • As a naturopath and health coach, I can come to your workplace and conduct seminars on a variety of topics based around nutrition, health and wellbeing, natural health, stress reduction and mental wellbeing, work-life balance etc.
  • I am open to other ways we can work together to improve the health and wellbeing of employees at your workplace.


Prices to be discussed.


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