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The body has an amazing power to heal itself

Symptoms of poor health such as fatigue, aches and pains can occur as a result of several imbalances in the body that have occurred over several months or even years. The body, when given with the right tools, has an amazing ability to heal itself.

With your commitment, I can help you to achieve mind-body wellness and become a healthier, happier you.

Initial Consultation

In clinic or phone/Zoom appointments available

75 minute session


If you’ve never seen me before, this is the first step. In this crucial session, we take a deep dive into your health so we can create a comprehensive and personalised wellbeing plan to help you address your main struggles and help you get back on top!


What’s involved?


  • Full health history including a review and discussion of your answers to pre-appointment questionnaires. We take a 360 look at your current state of health including family and medical history, diet, lifestyle, review of current medications and supplements.
  • We will discuss your biggest health concerns at the moment, as well as your health goals (i.e. where you want to be). We will also discuss mindset and anything that might be holding you back.
  • We’ll review any recent pathology tests, as well as order any additional functional and pathology tests required in order to get a full picture of your health – see FAQ’s for the types of tests we may order.
  • You’ll receive some preliminary lifestyle and nutrition advice, as well as any prescription recommendations so you can start restoring balance right after your first consult!
  • You’ll receive ongoing support and an empathetic ear.


Price: $150

Please note payment is required at time of booking for all online appointments
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First Follow Up Consultation

In clinic or phone/Zoom appointments available

60 minute session 


Your first follow-up appointment is usually scheduled 2 weeks after your initial consult. In this session, you’ll receive your full wellbeing treatment plan.


What’s involved?


  • Review of your unique step by step wellbeing plan that addresses your health concerns and goals. This will include anything that came up from the initial consult as well as results from any tests that we ordered.
  • Your wellbeing plan will include recommendations on all the practical areas of wellness – diet, sleep, exercise, rest, stress reduction.
  • Herbal medicine and nutritional supplementation prescriptions as required.
  • Ongoing support and education so you can become your own wellness warrior.



Price: $120

Please note payment is required at time of booking for all online appointments
Follow Up Consultation Icon

Further Consultations

In clinic or phone/Zoom appointments available

30-60 minute sessions


Follow-up appointments are usually scheduled 3-6 weeks apart depending on your treatment needs. We’ll track your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your protocol


What’s involved ?

  • We discuss anything that has come up since the last session including any other health issues or concerns
  • We’ll identify any saboteurs or roadblocks that might be holding you back- including emotions, mindset or lack of family support.
  • Where required we will (re)order any functional and pathology tests to track your progress.
  • We’ll refill your script for herbal medicine and nutritional supplements as needed, and adjust your wellbeing plan as needed
  • You’ll receive ongoing education on what’s going on with your health and why, so you can become your own wellness expert


Price: $120 (for 60 minutes); $100 (for 45 minutes); $85 (for 30 minutes)

Please note payment is required at time of booking for all online appointments
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Complimentary 15 minute phone call

15 minute session


This is a quick 15- min phone call for the purpose of:

– Questions before you schedule an appointment.
– Questions after your appointment i.e: questions taking your medications as prescribed on your treatment plan.

Please add your preferred phone number into the booking. I will phone you at the scheduled appointment time. Please note this does not take the place of a formal consultation.


Price: FREE